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Narv Narv

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


That was awesome. Not particularly difficult, but it was surprisingly entertaining. I liked the sync with the music. Good job; I'd like to see more Narv.


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sysrq868 responds:

What got you hooked, the non-sequitor nothingness or the continuous borishness? :)

I thought of this yesterday. I did all the skies already till today evening, and nothing else, when I already got bored with the concept of it (as usual to me). But strange, bizarre self-conceit decided that I wouldn't abandon this one so easily (I had been making it for 4 hours total...), and I made floating bubble character.

Brain emptiness failed me again, and I invented absolutely nothing for it to do. So I just thought for the heck of it, to submit it.

I also rediscovered my crayons from the murky darknesses of my closet. :)

Thanks for the review!
-- sysrq868

brainless entertainment 3 brainless entertainment 3

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Dude, that's some funny -business- right there. My personal favorite was the scarface reference... very well done; hope to see more! Keep it up!


Utterly-Moot responds:

Thanks! the scarface scene I actually did a long time ago but never finished, it was a follow up to my pulp wars. I kinda just tossed it in both to extend the length of be3 a bit, and because I dont think i'd ever get around to finishing it lol. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the comment!

Teh Textzors Ep. 1 Teh Textzors Ep. 1

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

could be better.

Yeah, it's not a bad concept, but some more action/plot to it, maybe a background. I liked the music... but the thud he made when walking was annoying. You got a pity-3/5 coz I want to to continue making flashes but of better quality next time. Good luck.


Syncopatix Syncopatix

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I liked it; it was unique and had my attention the whole time (which is unusual.. ^^). It was pretty cool, but by no means perfect... I think that there should have been more of a plot, with characters, like when it got to the USSR missle; the dancing lines could have been more of a background thing... I dunno, I still liked it.
Keep 'em coming!


Orange Desktop Orange Desktop

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


I agree, this submission is, well... unoriginal, and frankly, not great.

1. Come up with something more original [sorry if you were not aware of the existence of a flash VERY similar to your own. if this is the case, someone beat ya to it :( ...]

2. Don't post something you consciously know isn't worth the space on the server. Make a flash that you think is good, then maybe show it to a few friends and get some advice on improvements, then post with confidence.

Sorry if that seemed overly harsh. I sincerely hope you will post more in the future, but of better quality. Good luck.

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Pink Floyd: Great Gig Pink Floyd: Great Gig

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

symbolism, why doth thou torment me?

Beautiful. Overall, a wonderful submittion. Wish some of the transitions were smoother, I mean, it was not perfectly animated, but I liked the silhouette thing, to me, it kind of symbolized the unimportance of individuality in some people's beliefs; although I will admit that it may have just been taking the easy way out... but it's nice to be optimistic. ^^
It's Pink Floyd, and not 'money' or 'another brick in the wall part 2', so sound gets a 10 in sound and adds points to style for originality.
Keep 'em coming... next time maybe a little smoother transitions and improve camera movement simulation, but other than that, you kicked some ass.
peace, bro.

Luke H Luke H

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

life... or fetus?

In a word, ha.
That was some funny -business- right there.
Definitely your funniest yet... keep 'em coming!
I love the subtle politics; you obviously know well that hilarity comes first, and you can implement political views or what have you...
BTW, the subliminal "let's kill it" was by yours truely.. ^^

later, bro.

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mortypeng responds:

thanks taylor. it's all about the politics.